terça-feira, 13 de julho de 2010

Why You Are Not A Virtuous Woman? 2

While the king sitteth at his table, my spikenard sendeth forth its fragrance. Song 1:12.

  To be a woman of God, is not impossible. Who makes this difficult is the person. Many women still think they can do it alone, this is not true. If you are not humble in asking for help, it is very difficult to do exactly everything alone. Starting with the pregnancy. Even if you do artificial insemination, will still need a man to fertilize the egg.

  There are women who are unable to exhale the perfume, why? Why have not submitted themselves to God's will. Woman was created by God to be the helper. Many women, until he went to college and speak more than two languages, think the word helper mean doormat and that's a thought completely wrong. Anyone who thinks so is with bad eyes to the Word of God.

  Being a helper is so caring of her husband and their home and their children. Women who ask God to be blessed and are not willing to sacrifice their lives to care for sentimental blessing that God gives, then look inward, or begin to change now or continue asking God's blessing and will not have . To have a man of God on your side you must be a blessing.

  Many women want to be noticed by passing more perfume, no good. A woman of God is only noticeable when you give to the Lord with all my heart. The woman has the wisdom of God the Holy Spirit and it is He who inspires and renews it every day, the shapes, it does mature and puts qualities it had lacked. God is so, he gives nothing to anyone while you are not prepared.

  Be prepared to be a helper is to be humble, recognize that you need the Lord to guide you in His ways, and ask the Lord to prepare but to be helping their future husband. Do not let that miss the oil on your head and restore your marriage. I'll talk more about it.

  Stay strong with God.

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