sexta-feira, 28 de maio de 2010

Appearance III.

Offer right sacrifices and trust in the Lord Psalm 4:5.

   Having a full life, successful, happily married, blessed children, being a good businessman, living well, well, it just seems that we see on film, but also happens in real life. How? Those who sacrificed their lives for love of the Lord Jesus, men and women today are successful because they had a meeting with God.

   Living according to God's will is to sacrifice your self daily. When we see a movie in which the marriage is perfect many who are watching these films are going through bad times in your relationship. And live appearances happens m uito who is celebrity. Many actors and actresses we see in movies or even novels that adorn magazine covers, showing that they are happily married, live well, have perfect family and are successful financially is only appearance.

   Many celebrities hide what really happens, many are married but her husband cheats on his wife, beating wives, are addicts, suffer from insomnia, wives betray their husbands, live in relationship to relationship, finally, the life of an artist's only appearance .

   Many want to be actors, models, appearing on TV anyway and pay a price for it. When they are ostracized, some even commit suicide for lack of brightness of this world. And what good is being famous, have multiple cars, multiple women, if your interior is only when it is empty. No peace for his soul, his life has not been delivered to the Lord Jesus.

   For live appearance, if God wants you out of the dream of successful marriage and turn it into reality? Being happy in love is not just in novels or films, it also happens in real life. And yes this can happen in your life, you just want. But this requires sacrifice their desires, surrender to the Lord Jesus with all my heart and let him choose the right person for you.

   Stay strong with God.

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