sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

I Want!

And whatever you ask in My name, that'll do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. John 14:13.

   Who ever, if only for a moment in your life, thought about getting married in church, dressed as a bride, with the room full, finally, any woman, no matter how close it is, but ever thought of marrying the veil and wreath.

   But before the party, the preparations, you need a boyfriend. For those who are already dating, it is important to know if the guy is really taking you seriously if you have the same purpose to marry, to form a family and live together in joy and sorrow, enduring qualities and defects each other.

   For single women, who still are not dating, it's good to be prepared, especially if you're in the way of Mount Sinai. To find the blessing that God has prepared for you, we need the blessing of God that man needs. Both singles, as those who are married, and who are waiting on God, all we have to always be a blessing every day, not only in the lives of others as for ourselves.

   And to be a blessing, we must first be born of God, for whoever is born of God, God's Word has to go to those who need help, guidance or a service. Why only those born of God can answer and give guidance? To avoid certain constraints that happen during the sessions. Depending on the word and tone that some people use, seems to offend and putting further hurt those who hurt to seek the solution of their problems.

   There are people who do not have the patience to guide people who arrive in church and not know how to separate the problems we have at work or at home with God's work. Therefore, it is necessary the new birth, baptism with the Holy Spirit because when we make the Bible our foundation in life, meditate on the Word of God with the Holy Spirit we have the insight and patience necessary to guide those who ask us for help .

   When we treat the same person several times in her home is because the environment is not conducive to meditate on what she was spoken by the Pastor or the worker. And unfortunately many do not have that patience. And one of the things we really like to do is meet, mentor, and when I try to talk, to pray that is where I feel useful, for God's mercy, He even allows that, and thank God, I am used by God in this sense.

   Now take this evil mood for love life, for the maiden who is waiting on the Lord right man for marriage, it appears just when you're atendeno a person and you do not realize. he stays away, just watching it or not you have the character of God and in a moment you without patience, speak a word that makes a person get off of there worse than it entered. At this point you, and do not help the person you met, it is still a bad impression to the guy who noted his attendance. Ai need not say anything. Either you are born of God to be a blessing, or is that way with this temperament.

   In other posts I will talk more on how to find and be a blessing in life sentimental.

   Stay strong with God.

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