terça-feira, 22 de junho de 2010


And we raised up a mighty salvation in the house of his servant David. Luke 1:69.

   When we surrender completely of all, when emptied of ourselves, we free our selves, or do not care about anything and anyone, forget all as we seek God, He hears us and puts us in His greatest Treasure: The Holy Spirit.

   The Holy Spirit fills all emptiness of our soul, from the moment we surrender ourselves to the Lord. This moment is very important, and it is between you and God. Some take longer to reach that point because of a hidden pride, or because you think you do not need. Others come to that conclusion quickly, arrive at the Church of Jesus Christ, without hope, without anything.

   Those who had the privilege of being born of God before, stripped themselves of everything that hindered your relationship with God. They cleaned their hearts, forgive their enemies, were delivered from various addictions, finally understood that salvation is very important and were not attached to anything because when we die, we do not take anything. While we're here, we fight and kill one lion per day for the love of God for all He has done and will do in our lives.

   People who have their own wisdom, speak three or four languages, has two or three colleges are able to say they do not need to teach them anything. They may have the wisdom of this world, but it's pointless if not for his salvation, and have not the seal of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it is written that many rich do not enter the kingdom of God, but why? Lack of humility.

   Being humble is not to make any charitable year-end, to be humble is to hear and practice the Word of God. Being humble is to recognize that it needs above all else, the Presence of God, the Holy Spirit. Being humble is wrong to leave their lives for the love of God, in short, have the character of God.

   Being humble is the beginning of wisdom. Many who come into the Church, are cured, they are freed, become entrepreneurs, have marriages restored, and finally this is a manifestation of God's power, but born of God is an individual experience and few, unfortunately, had. Many seek the blessing and the blessed few.

   Want to be happy in all areas of your life? Surrender to the Lord, let Him work in your life, surrender to God will all your heart, surely he will get the first miracle inside you.

   Stay strong with God.

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