quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

My Friend.

Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed for the king of Assyria, nor for all the multitude that is with him, because A is Greater than us what is with him. 2 Chronicles 32:7.

   When it is God's Son, born of God and is in constant union with the One who gave you new life, there is no storm, no enemy, no camera, nothing can stop you. However great the enemy apparently is, no one can stop you. There is nothing better than to trust in God and make Him your friend.

   God is with those who are sincere and pure in heart. as you learn to use their faith, the more God will shape you. When God calls us to serve Him is because He knows that we are able to do His will. He probes our hearts and knows who serves in the flesh and who serves in spirit and in truth.

   Those who serve in the meat, use the emotional faith, hope someone will please you but i can give back to the emotion the favor done, or expects to be able to give, and it certainly does not please God, it is written and give you will be given. Whoever does the will of God in the flesh can not withstand the first storm. And when they resist, they do everything to not enter the wilderness. As one born of the flesh can win in the desert if your faith is not founded on the Rock? Simple. Either he is in the desert to die without seeing the promises of God, or give up halfway.

   Those born of God, have faith and use the supernatural. Even still not seeing the answer, live as if she already had in hand. Believe they know to see, know how to give without the intention of receiving anything in return. Do the will of God for love Him who gave it new life. Servants are able to make a difference. Able to wait on God His blessings that comes in His own time.

   Born of God has no fear, no anxiety and tribulations when it comes to remain firm because the Lord is He who gives that absolute certainty that in Christ we are more than conquerors. Think about it.

   Stay strong with God.

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