sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

Surrender to the Lord.

For thou hast broken the yoke upon them, stick them hurt your shoulders, the scepter of his oppressor, as in the days of Midian, Isaiah 9:4.

   Trust in the Lord is the path to the doors to open. Trusting in God is believing that everything that hindered their spiritual growth, came by land and you've won. Trusting in God is to deliver his entire life and live only in dependence on Him. Many think, depend on God as well?

   Many women live in dependence on their husbands, boyfriends, lovers at last, and most do not complain. A few who do not like also do nothing to change the situation. When you hear the word or when they receive an invitation to change their lives, go to church but do not surrender to the Lord Jesus. Why? Simple: many prefer to give their lives to whom they know than surrender to those who do not know.

   But you must know before, some say. But God is not so. You must trust in God. Why can some trust and then precebem transformation within himself and not others? Distrust. Distrust that God can transform their lives. Even with evidence, even with their own neighbors witnessing the transformation, yet do not want to drop the wrong life, knowing what is wrong. That phrase 'Brazilian way' is a phrase that hinder Christian growth.

    Many rely on it thinking that the arm strength will change the situation. This is wrong. With God, we struggle every day and we won without him fight, win and not die without salvation. The Lord does not like that. He wants to make a change in your life because He sees what you're going through. The only one who can change that is yourself.

   When we ask the Lord for help, He speaks to us directly or indirectly. In a direct speech dirt with you and indirectly, he uses someone to talk to you, either on radio or on television or in pamphlets. He wants to show that He is with you and change not only your life but you also. Let Him take action, handed to the Lord and for sure, He will deliver you from the yoke of the oppressor.

   Stay strong with God.

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