quarta-feira, 14 de julho de 2010

Why You Are Not A Virtuous Woman? End.

Behold, it is beautiful, O my beloved, behold, thou art fair, Thine eyes are like doves. Song 1:15.

  Women who have bad eyes, gossip and do not worry too much about the lives of others live in darkness. Women are resentful because they have not been blessed in life sentimental. Women more so neat and fragrant they are, their inner darkness flows. Everything puts your hands, do not stay and destroy.

 Brawling woman, if you know, get away from it! Keep praying for her but do not get infected by them. Women are unable to help themselves, much less who is on your side. The brawling woman only cease to be angry when they open their hearts to the Lord Jesus. A new heart is all they need.

  How nice to have good eyes! Clear conscience in knowing that part of the Family of Jesus and that what is pleasing to the Lord, Glory to God for that. Virtuous woman warrior of the faith who do not want to be near a woman? She draws people close to him, manage to win souls for the Lord Jesus through his behavior. Win souls for his character. And with that, the Lord will measure without adding blessings in your life.

  Woman of God just is blessed with a man of God. Through their relationship, the Lord multiply his anointing on her life as much in his life. Courtship phase for the Christian is being aware of both. It is spiritual knowledge. Come fights, is the phase of mutual spiritual maturity to the next phase of their lives: marriage. To marry is needed spiritual maturation.

  Being a woman of God requires of herself effort, sacrifice and perseverance. Learning to be a virtuous woman's daily task, so you need to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. He only strengthen us and renew us every day. When it puts into practice at the beginning is tricky, but then it is as if they were part of you.

  Be determined to learn to cook, learn domestic chores. There is nothing better than your husband or future husband to eat a meal cooked by you. This is for the Glory of God. Do your part and let the Lord to act on behalf of the Lord Jesus.

  Stay strong with God.

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