terça-feira, 2 de março de 2010


We have to be patient and persevering, the beginning is tricky, but once you know why the desert, we understand and begin to make things harder. If fasting, fasting is more, if he was praying, is to pray more, in short, become stronger again because God does so. Be a request from Santa Bonfire, a purpose or in any other campaign, God hears and answers. The answer is that he is taking in the desert. Therefore it is necessary to have a covenant with God. In the desert we are prepared to receive the blessings of God. We asked several areas of our lives, God hears and answers, but He gives the blessings of the day to night. Before we must prepare ourselves to receive. Those born of God and understand that when they are not discouraged in the desert because they know not God, only heard.

   People who only hear about God are the Church but still do the will of the flesh, serve God the way of them do not support the desert and end up leaving. Or go out and then back to come out again. Despite being advised to seek the kingdom of God, your salvation, do not understand and unfortunately end up doing. Some come back and still others leave and not come back. And when they come is because they are at rock bottom. But when it does not go back. Thank God.

   If you're in the presence of God and not yet born again, persevere and not quit. Try to stay close to those who really are God. How to tell if they are of God? By its nature, the service, the patience, the perseverance to help you. I've been there at the beginning of my conversion and thank God, the working-that I attended was from God. It is the work to date. Today I am working-and help those who come to me. I got it people who could not take hold and are now at work, thank God. So God wipes that we will produce more fruit.

   If you're in the desert, not get discouraged, God is with you! It seems that no one but God is there by your side, supporting you, encouraging you, you stronger. Be strong and courageous! (Joshua 1:9).

   Stay with God.

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