sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

Be a Blessing.

'I am my beloved's, and it is for me'. Song of Solomon 7:11.
  People who are happy, they are good about themselves, they are loved and matched, there is less chance of having a stroke, is more likely to live longer than those who live frown, mutter, are unhappy, according to results of a survey There is no need to live sulk, riding a frown, finally, the time and energy is spent being grumpy not worth it.

   People who are unhappy in addition to having a shorter life, no one comes close because he is afraid to take one out and nobody likes to be around people like that. Why be grumpy? Such people tend to be jealous of people who are footy. We all have problems, but it is not necessary so we get unhappy. Mal humor behind diseases and wrinkles! People who are unhappy and bitter often appear older than it has. Why and for that be?

  Look at your life and see if you are not jealous of someone, see if you are not sorry for what happened in the past and is still in his heart. Let God clean the inside. There are people who have everything, but they are sad because they have not been blessed in life sentimental. And this can not happen. It can discourage and abandon. You have to use the time has not come to the beloved of your soul to invest in yourself. How? Getting ready, because nobody likes to be around people littered, not moody, life is very difficult and having someone unhappy side wonder either; cizinhar learn in today's times is very difficult for women to go to kitchen every day that has double duty, but it is important to do more than rice, beans and egg. Learn to make a cake and a dessert is important, clean the house, wash and iron also helps to be a woman of God.

   How so? What is the man who is not happy when the house is tidy, well past the clothes and clean and ready favorite food? To find the blessing in the love life have to be a blessing. I speak from experience. I am not yet married, but I am engaged and my fiance has done this test with me. One was dazer cake that he likes. No one helped me and made myself and it worked. And he went super soft until I was amazed by it. I thought I was not able to make a cake! And I know he did it to see if I could afford to be a blessing in his life and I have also done the same. We now know that was the Lord who has chosen us.

  We have hidden talents that only we can put them out. Sometimes we are close to winning our blessing and not wanting to be just rush and find people who were not prepared for us. We women work outside and work at home and serve the Lord with gladness. Where does this force? The Lord Jesus because we do His will. This pleases Him and He strengthens us and gives us a position to continue being his glory here.

  Why make the bad mood to take care if God wants to make us happy. Be a blessing to find the blessing that God has for you.

   Stay with God.

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