quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

New Heart.

Solomon was given the wealth and what that means? It means that Solomon was very rich. If toghether the 10 largest fortunes in the world, would not even half of what Solomon had. He had almost everything. God gave him wisdom as Solomon himself when asked the most important in which he had to decide whether it shared a child in the middle or deliver the boy to his real mother. And so its trajectory until the most important moment he did not use what God had given him. He obeyed God. Solomon had several wives and they all worshiped other gods.

   He had a nice trajectory, would be perfect if he had not done the will of the woman he married. He liked the woman and her gods and displeasing to God. Solomon, a man who had wisdom, riches and honor. A man who the kings came to talk to him, sought him because he used the wisdom that God gave him and give thanks they gave him more riches. But Solomon, at the end of his life displeasing to God? Because he had a new heart. Solomon had no problems with money, did not live badly, not starved. Solomon had it all, or almost everything. The most important thing you missed. Solomon missed the birth of God. 

 Like Solomon, many who are in the church have not been born of God. Yet God was with him. Until Jeroboam. The only one who faced the Solomon when he wanted to build a temple for one of these gods of his wife and that caught the attention of God. And therefore must have fellowship with God to keep us in His path.

   'An abomination to the Lord are the wicked of heart, but those who walk in integrity are his delight" (Proverbs 11:20).

   Stay with God.

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