terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

Be Patient

     'Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him and He will do'. Psalm 37:5. Everyone wants to find someone that will make you happy. God made Adam and Eve also made when he saw that it was not good man to live alone. All seek to find their other half, but not all looking in the right place. There are people looking at parties, nightclubs, beach, after all, but whenever they encounter one of these places does not work. Make love one time, move in together, have children and separate. And again look back in these places and start all over again. Why not work? Because it is so we find the right person. First you have to know if it's the right person. You have to be good to make someone happy. No use looking anywhere and anyway if you're not well. As a person not being properly can help others? The two will walk to the bank.

   There's nothing better (after the meeting with God) than finding the right person. This is very important for the tremor Meeting with God. Finding the Beloved of his soul will find the love of your life. The right person is ready to meet you and is up to you to find it. Are you prepared to be the right person he needs? Rate yourself and see if you was capable of being the right person for your beloved. He does exist and is waiting for you to be the right person for it. God has not chosen to serve Him by their appearance but by his heart. There are people who are not blessed in the love life because they choose too, worry about the physical and forget the character. This is a mistake.

   Never doubt, do not let anyone get you down in relation to their love life because I always have someone to do it and at such times is important to be firm and keep in mind is but a man or woman of God for you. And in time, The Lord will bless you. Everything is in God's timing not ours.

  Stay strong, stay with God.

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