segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010

New Heart.

The wisdom and knowledge given to you and give you wealth, riches and honor, that there was no king in front of you, then you will not be beaten. 2 Chronicles 1:12.

  Have a pure heart. Depending on what is in your heart, is that people see in you. Heart is like an eggplant Dirty Rotten. The outside looks good, but when opened is full of errors. The more bad things to keep in your heart is bad for you and not to those who did something for you.

   How to have a pure heart? Always forgive, and welcome to all, either. While maintaining a clean heart? Always forgiveness and asking God to not be contaminated by anything. This is one of the virtues of God's character. The acquisition of wisdom we can gain God's favor. We are all flawed and mercy we are forgiven, and thank God for that.

   Forgiving, arrived at the mercy of God. Are strengthened and stand firm with God. Evil is the same thing. We apologize and we have the Lord's mercy. It is when we show that we are weak is strong. In this way, please God.

   Stay with God.

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