domingo, 18 de abril de 2010


    He shall judge the world in righteousness to the people in uprightness. 

   Being a Christian college students when it is not easy. Be different from those who have, apparently, freedom, can go where they want and do whatever they want, is not easy. Even more so if they do not understand what the Lord Jesus. But if you look at life for those who have no commitment to God and still live without salvation, their lives are horrible. People who are outside of God, live with their problems and believe it's normal. Not give their lives to the Lord Jesus because they will not stop doing what they know is wrong. In all Bibles, Catholic or Evangelical, God's word is clear: do not steal, nor commit adultery, honor thy father and thy mother, thou shalt not do any sculpture for worship, not worship other gods, finally, the Law of God is written there and continue doing all that pleases the Lord.

   We are having flooding, raining every year more and more. It rains more on three or four days that it rained in two or three months! And with the rains many deaths. Earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, excessive heat. But why these phenomena of nature is so much killing? The Lord Jesus is the door and nobody knows when He will come. All this has to happen for those that have not been saved will seek Him.

   Sadly, many only remember God when they are suffering. It is these times that people find the Lord Jesus, it is these times that people realize that He is very near and not far when they weighed when they were good. It is very sad that many who died in landslides, earthquakes and storms in a very few were saved. Very few accepted the Lord Jesus, dropped the wrong life they had and followed the path of the Lord to have their souls saved.

   The Word of God is, today, anywhere. Everyone has access to Pavra of God much more than before. Yet it still has many prefer to continue doing his will. How many are in clubs, connecting with the wrong people, doing things wrong and when something happens like an explosion or collapse and die in that place their souls go straight to hell. What good do your own will if you know it is not happy!    You can be saved today if you accept the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Savior and quit addictions, prostitution, the wrong life and seek Him with all your heart. God is waiting to save you. To get you out of this life nmentiras and deception. No use is in depression, suicide attempt to stop their suffering because this only worsens their situation and will make his family suffer even more.

   What you have to do is put yourself in your room on your knees and say a prayer, talking with God and all the fucking give your life to Him This is the first step. Then find a church near his home and talk with a pastor or worker that will guide you in the Way of the Lord.

   Stay strong with God and He will make all your dreams. Do not give up, God is with you.

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