terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

Born of God.

    The Lord will send from Zion the scepter of his power, saying the governor among your enemies. Psalms 110:2.

   All who are in the presence of God, born of God, those who decided to commit their lives to the Lord Jesus, were baptized in the waters, they decided to drop the wrong life in short, are struggling and staying faithful to God, so as to continue coming of the Lord is near. All these events are nothing close to what is yet to come.

   From the moment that did not cease to remain in the Presence of God, waging another battle both within and outside the Church. We must always remember that our battle is spiritual, nothing against flesh and blood. In this case the more we get closer to God, we are stronger spiritually to be able to defend us from the fiery darts of the wicked.

   It is therefore very important to be born of God. Only then are we able to stay, and even giving in our faces, we can turn the other cheek to beat. This is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Benignity. I say give the spiritual sense with persecution, injustice, tribulations, finally, and the more you show that you are firmer, the Lord will give strength and able to continue fighting with him because God needs you. How so? He is God and that he was born, overcome the world and it is true.

He even promised to put all our enemies under our feet, but for that we must stay in His Presence and doing His Will.

   Why have people become more stressed when they feel threatened as soon think of suicide? Why not know the Lord of Hosts. They did not want or do not think it looked before. And really to hold anything in this world just being born of God. This does not mean that problems dsaparecerão. We all have problems to solve and bills to pay, but with the miracle of new birth, we have peace of mind to solve everything. When I was going to Ensenada, I heard a lady say the bus: here we are at peace inside, but outside there is a hell. I pondered this sentence which is true. Almost invite the whole neighborhood and who was being blessed. And who has not, I only regret, wait for the next event.

   With this sentence, she said it all: how many wanted to be inside of our bus, seeking the God of Israel, how many wanted to go and were not for nonsense, for pre-concept, finally, we all have opportunities, and enjoy each others play out.

   If something is happening because you accepted the Lord Jesus and decided to drop the wrong life, God is with you and stay in His presence because the days are evil. Never give up just because God loves us, empowers us and frees us from all evil.

Stay with God.
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