quinta-feira, 8 de abril de 2010

Do not give up.

Wealth and honor come from Thee, Thou dominas about everything, in Thy hand is power and power is with you and everything to make great power.

   Do not give up on your dreams, seek God unceasingly pray day and night, no matter how long the fight, even greater will be their victory because God is with you. Even if nobody wants to talk or even get close to you, give glory to God because He himself away from us the false friends and shows us the true friends.

   If you want to know with whom you can count on is when we met in the desert. There is no better place to repent of our mistakes and matured mainly in the faith. In these moments we see who are the friends who the Lord sends. And He is the greatest friend we have. We know that the desert is not a place for anyone. Only the brave enter and leave it clean. Cowards come up, but can not stand the pressure and soon quit.

   So God had a tryout with the men who would help Gideon. Of thousands, only 300 men passed and showed that they could count on. Most failed. life with God is like that. For something bigger than The Lord is preparing, we are driven to the desert for our spiritual purification for our transformation and our maturity that God is an intelligent being.

   You ask in prayer, God listens and prepares you to receive the blessing. This is how the Lord works. With God nothing comes easy. The Lord Jesus died on Calvary pressing upon him all our transgressions and iniquities, and it was not easy. And resurrected and all who accept Him as Lord and Savior and surrender your life and follows these will be saved.

    So do not give up, for greater and more painful it is, keep seeking the Lord that He will honor you.

   Be firm with him because with him you can just tell.

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