terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010


God continued, not nigh hither; takes your sandals, for the place whereon you stand is holy ground.

    God used Moses to take the people of distress, shame, Deprez, humiliation in which they lived. God heard the afflictions of His people and caused His people to come out of that situation. When we are in a situation similar to the people of Israel, the One who can help us, that we can reach out is God.

   People born of Him, go through storms, are humiliated, despised and afflicted and go through all this for love of the Lord. The Lord Jesus was humiliated, ignored, treated like the worst of creatures and won at Calvary. He did what he pleased God. Rose again the third day. He did and went through everything for love of us. For love to those who accept Him as One Lord and Savior. And all who accept Him are freed from oppression, and mostly healed, saved.

   All born of God or will go for it. Who is the Church, is a member, worker or evangelist, pass through the desert. And desreto alone. That's good. Usually those who find themselves in the wilderness, seeking God more. Gets closer to the Lord. Better alone in the wilderness, without help from anyone. Only then, we seek God, we come into contact with him permanently.

   We all have to go through deserts. Why? For something that the Lord is preparing for us. Those who give their lives to God and allow Him to do His will in our lives, leave in His hands the responsibility of caring for us because we really do not know what is best for us.

   And it is in the desert we see who is who can stand the heat and crosses the Jordan or in the way and quit, it is whispering as the people of Israel did after they crossed the Red Sea. Those who persevere are born of God and the Lord will enlarge his reward.

   God wants to tell with the mighty, the days are evil. What's happening in the world is the beginning of the end. Right now we have to worry about our salvation. Go to the Kingdom of Heaven or cry and gnash their teeth in hell? Go or be in the desert is our sacrifice to enter the kingdom of heaven. The desert is not easy. The desert is of struggles, trials, humiliations, contempt, but who ever said that it would be easy to win something?

   Think about it, stay with God.

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