quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

Preparing for Victory.

    Your wife inside their home will be like a fruitful vine and thy sons, like olive shoots, round about thy table. Psalm 128:3. 

   When we are single, Saturdays are awful. Who works in commerce, not so much because he works Saturday and Sunday and has an off week and one Sunday a month. But for working in office or is a public employee has Saturdays, Sundays and holidays free. How do I occupy today. Usually you date, got engaged or already married is more than to run the single. Wake up, put the clothes in days of the week, helping her mother at the fair, clean the house, cleaning the church in the afternoon already holds the single occupied throughout the day. But the night? Watching a dvd rental, bed early to wake up early the next day for that Sunday is the Lord.

   While the blessing is not enough, what to do? For those who dislike cooking and only know how to boil water is a good time to start learning to cook and learn to enjoy cooking. Marry without knowing how to cook is hard. By having more restaurants and inns for lunch and dinner, nothing is better than home cooking. To get a blessing you must be a blessing.

   Ironing. At first it seems very complicated. How that binds the iron? What is the temperature not to burn the clothes? What is gum go? There are many questions that only practice can ask questions. Unmarried has only become his uniform. It's good to have uniform and well past, it shows care, hygiene and may even think of talking to you because of the uniform well spent. But work clothes and other occasions? If you do not like ironing and intends to marry Pastor, or learn to move and like ironing or may forget the wedding. It is not fair to him or with you. The more you pay someone to pass, there's nothing better for a man of God to wear a suit and passed by the woman that God chose for him. This applies also to the workers who want to marry the workers and stay in the lobby.

   Clean house. At least 15 out of 15 days has to do a spring cleaning at home or in your room during the week and do maintenance. Dust, dirt every day and has accumulated much more worse for cleaning. There are things that must be made every day with kitchen, bath, clothes, sweep, whatever. No laziness. Meets the smooth running of your home and not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27. House tidy and smelling it's all good. We must learn more from our mothers and grandmothers.

   Floor neat. You can do an event or just to go buy bread. The woman of God can not go anywhere anyway. A simple clothes to buy bread and milk and basic to go the meetings on Wednesday and Sunday and is invited to a wedding or a wedding be godmother never put white because this is the color that only the bride can use and always opt for the classic and sober colors.

   First of all, ask God for wisdom and discernment to be a blessing before finding the blessing He has for you.

   Stay with God.

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