terça-feira, 13 de abril de 2010

Wait II.

Blessed is he who fears the Lord and walk in his ways! Psalm 128:1.

Many can not wait because they are anxious, are not converted, or even give their lives to God, but not quite. Are decimated, and bidders are participating in campaigns, but do we really born of God? People who can not wait, worry about what others say and give up, not pleasing to God.

   How to please God? In prayer asking for His direction, deviates from evil, leave their lives wrong before, forgive, keep no bad feeling at heart, after all, walk in His Law To gain one thing you need to make a connection, but to change his entire life, seek Him wholeheartedly.

   After the spiritual life, the sentimental voda is very important, so it is very necessary to have patience and we monitor about it. People who are secure with God, ie well spiritually discern what comes from God and what does not come from Him. Why use wisdom. The wisdom of God. They are not anxious because the Lord has supplied our needs.

  This is expected. If you have not appeared the man or woman of God of God, seek Him. If in another area of his life, has not yet occurred or the miracle victory as expected, do not give up on God's time, everything will happen. During this period, continue searching for their spiritual life, and when you do not expect he will give you victory.

    While this is a woman of God to God, that is a man of God to God. Seek to improve, seek to have his character, prepare to meet your blessing.

   God is with you! Stay with God.

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