sábado, 8 de maio de 2010

Born Again?

It is He who gives victory to kings, who delivers from evil sword to his servant David. Psalms 144:10.

   No matter how great the difficulty, however large their trouble, these times have to rely constantly on God. It does not help solve all tertiles in arm strength. Pray, seek always the face of God, that He is our refuge and strength. And at the right time He will send help from the High because He is God.

   Never be discouraged and do not let anybody put you down. Who comes with word of defeat, get away because it did not come at the behest of the Lord. God brought you out of captivity and put you in his ways to win. And it takes perseverance to succeed, we must always struggle. And every adversity that comes along the way, God is with you to make you overcome all barriers.

   Desert is learning is maturing is the spiritual preparation for what is coming toward you. If you meet these conditions, thank God! You are the chosen of the Lord! Only those who have passed through the desert and is born of God, you know how God works. It seems that nothing is happening, it seems that God is not listening to you. It seems, He heard their prayers so that now he himself is shaping you. Yes, it is in the desert that we know who is who.

   That's where nobody likes to be that God chooses who will be able to do His Will, which are born of God or the flesh. Who is born of God will not see your Kingdom. So do not be discouraged, God is with you! God is with those who persevere, who are courageous, humble to recognize that the Lord alone is God.

   Do not waste time. If you want to change their lives, has only one solution: give yourself body and soul to the Lord delivered all their heart to Him and let Him do the rest. God loves us so much that He gave His Son to die for us. Yes he died but rose again to stay alive in us through the Holy Spirit. He wants to be inside us. Let him come inside you, change your life, you Dirar of despair and give you peace. Peace is within Him.

   The first change of life is within you, then in every area of your life. Think about it.

   Stay with God.

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