terça-feira, 11 de maio de 2010

I´m with You.

Not afraid of them because I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord. Jeremiah 1:8.

   Everyone, at some point in our lives, we go through situations that nobody would have passed. Everyone has had an experience of everything and a sudden, they lose everything. Whether in any area of your life. There are those that we learned as in the case of Niteroi, which through the media, we learned that many families have lost homes and relatives.

   Running out what you've built for years and lose in seconds is very sad. When you are doing well financially, they are all around, lost everything, all flee. Married and unfortunately broke up, finally, there are several situations that leave us without ground. But for those who are in the Presence of the Lord Himself gives us the strength to not get killed and not discouraged.

   When we say that the most important is your salvation is not by chance. It is very serious. When we got to church, we are already at rock bottom. We want the solution of our problem. Those who in two or three months seeking the blessing, and never gets displayed. Why? There was the time, heard of Jesus but for the person the most important was the financial blessing, finally, God knows what he hears. Why to others who arrived at the same time remained and most do not? Many are called but few chosen.

   Usually after four or five months, do we know if the person will stay or not. is that this time, when she arrives in igerja, she hears the Lord Jesus, begins to be interested in knowing why some people, despite hardships and problems, remain firm. Begin to want to know the God that these people who were once shy and rebels, are now quiet and at peace. hence arises the Curiousity of the New Birth and the Holy Spirit.

   I say this because it was so me. I remember the first day I set foot in church, how the bishop spoke with God, how people behaved, in short, I had that curiosity and His Mercy, I have the life I never dreamed existed. Living for my Lord Jesus, I love writing this blog, I take the word of God for you here that are looking for soul food and the only food for the soul is the Word of God. The Bible is central to aquleles who are in His Presence and for those who are starting in the faith.

   It is therefore very important to seek the Lord, ask Him to come into your life, ask Him to be born again. Ask for their salvation. You been saved, will be able to save their families. Fear not, God is with you. Make the Lord your friend and every time you need help, bend your knees and cry out to Him He will answer. Think about it.

   Stay with God.

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