domingo, 9 de maio de 2010

Mother's Day.

Your wife, inside your house will be like a fruitful vine and thy sons, like olive shoots, round about thy table. Psalms 128:3.

   We have no one better than our mother. They are waiting nine months for us, breastfeeding, are with us in our joys and sorrows, and we know what we should not do when we have difficulty in adapting to newlyweds in aconsalham, give us hope, strength and word courage. After the Lord Jesus, the mother is also part of our lives.

   By having more experience, is to us what is right and what is wrong. Helps us in our difficulties, not letting us lose heart when nobody believes in us it is on our side. The psalm says everything about a woman of God, who is mother, wife, daughter, grandmother and great-grandmother.

   Single mothers who work and care for their children, are mothers and fathers of their children, they believed to be men of God. Widows who end up raising their children alone, mothers who for some reason lost their children, and finally to all, not just today, a date that is commercial, but every day, happy days of their mothers.

   Just who is the mother knows what is caring, loving, host, store, protect, nursing, finally giving birth, the mother is the fullest sense of the word love.

   To continue walking in the ways of the Lord, and if your kids are not in the Presence of God, do not be discouraged, keep the faith when they least expect it, will stand in the Presence of the Lord.

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