quinta-feira, 6 de maio de 2010

Sinner's Repentance

I confess my iniquity; endure sadness because of my sin.
Psalm 38:18.

   A feature of the new birth is the're sorry. Repent and humble themselves before the Lord, confess your sins and mistakes and not return to practice them. Remorse is a feeling of self pity until he confesses that erred and sinned again some time later but the practice of mistake again. It is therefore important in arependermos of sins and not return to practice them.

   But as not back to the practice of sin? Born of God. Abandoning all the wrong, not walking with the same people who led you into error, just one step in front of your Lord, asking Him to strengthen you, talking to God you will never practice sin and that He will enable him to not back to error.

   Humble yourself before the Lord, and not before men. Bend your knees, pray to the Lord, seek His face, and tell Him everything that goes with you. He is waiting for you, God is the One who can transform your life. It does no good to tell anyone of their situation who can resolve is God.

   When we are in the desert, we learn that the Lord alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Walking in His ways, to know the truth through the Bible and receive life giving our lives in His Hands. God is slow to anger, He is good yes, but also justice. see how it was with David. He constantly sought God. David was wrong to kill the husband of Bathsheba to be with her. David repented, humbled himself before the Lord and the Lord forgave you.

   David paid the price for having disobeyed God. The Lord forgave him, but allowed him to build the temple because his hands were bloodstained. God loved David, David asked for forgiveness for sin. David found the grace of God and when he died, he had saved.

   Trust only in God that He will remove him from this situation, and the right time, God will honor you.

   Stay with God.

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