segunda-feira, 17 de maio de 2010


    Establish peace on earth, you'll lie down and none shall make you afraid: and I will rid the vermin of the earth and the earth will not pass your sword. Leviticus 26:6.

   Those who are treading the path of God those who are at the beginning of the way, do not be discouraged, stay. God made the promise, everyone who remains steadfast with God, will be accumulated blessings. And after the spiritual life, when they are freed from insomnia, depression, disease, after God's second most important thing is to love life.

   And all who put their lives in the hands of God, wait upon the Lord to be blessed. The love life is very important because it is through a successful marriage, that person is even more blessed spiritually.

   When the two are of God, are born of God, are concerned to please God and that God is pleased with us. That's loyalty. And the man or woman of God who are faithful to God, are accumulated blessings.

   And those who are successful in love life, who always seek to please God, is sincere, has the quiet inner life. Not to say that there are problems, we all have to kill a lion a day. But is not the problem that dominates you but are you going to master the problems. People who are preoccupied with the problems usually can not sleep, walk-stressed, and thus end up having health problems and further increasing the problems.

   Look please the Lord in all their attitudes. Always put the Lord first, oh yes, you will be successful in everything he does.

   Stay strong with God.

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