sexta-feira, 7 de maio de 2010


Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which is not broken, firm forever. Psalms 125:1.

   To have a good relationship, whether marriage, friendship, between father and mother, the foundation is trust. With the Lord Jesus is like that. We have to trust Him to be born of Him. To hear His voice, we must be born of Him. When we give our lives in His Hands, shows that we are trusting that God will transform our lives.

   When we trust someone, we place our lives in the hands of someone who allegedly will solve our problems. Have you stopped to think where you are depositing your trust, your life? Why trust you is to put yourself wholeheartedly into the hands of someone.

   Many put their lives at the hands of her husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, children, grandchildren, celebrities, finally, and what they have given you in return? Only disappointment, no one is perfect. That's why The One who is capable of changing our lives and that does not disappoint us is the Lord Jesus. Why? He is perfect. And when we come to God through the Lord Jesus, He hears us. Because the Lord Jesus is the Son of God.

   Those who trust in men, harvest headache and disappointment, who trust the Lord for His blessing reap, reap the peace that both you looking at someone or something and not think. When we are teenagers, we remain a fan of someone. This is something which is coming out of childhood and into adulthood and as the circle of friends, following the fashion of the moment.

   In adulthood, usually leave it. There are people who even in adulthood, even lay their lives on someone. People are frustrated, complexed who see an artist or personality, to escape from their reality. This is not good. The time that many boys and girls lose trying to imitate someone or be someone with plastic surgery and, to invest more in the spiritual life.

   Escape from their reality does nothing. Face it head on, with the Lord Jesus. Indulge yourself and deposit all his confidence and his life in Him who died for their sins and recussitou to give you eternal life. he certainly will not disappoint you.

   Stay with God.

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