segunda-feira, 28 de junho de 2010

Discipline of the Lord II.

Because it makes the wound and he even minutes, it hurt, and his hands heal. Job 5:18.

   There are times when we are put to the test. Not because God does not know that we are able to serve Him, is because we are not able to take possession of what He has prepared for us. God is dicipline, and His discipline, we are shaped, cleansed and transformed to serve Him the way He pleases.

   Many do not support their discipline, but if you asked him to serve Him, and did not want to be one more, but wanted to make a difference, this is your answer. God heard his prayer and doing His part to you. those who do not support his discipline, it is because they were not prepared and not born of God.

   To be born of God is like a marriage. You waive your life of sin, baptized in water, practicing the Word of God, meditate on it, and accept the will of God. So you start to have a communion with Him, runs every day to have the headquarters of His Presence, until the time comes to know Him. So you join Him and He to you, you will make a difference where to pass because God is with you.

   There is no victory without struggle, and during fights, look more to the Lord when God's discipline, nothing and nobody can get you out of His Presence because it is God Himself who is with you, do not be discouraged because their victory is close.

   Stay strong with God.

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