sábado, 26 de junho de 2010

Marriage III?

    It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. I Corinthians 13:7.

   When you're single, you can choose who you marry. So said marriage is easy. But to not have the headache of having eternal chosen the wrong boy, the most important thing is you're okay. How? First, seek the Lord with all your heart and give your life and your heart just to Him Take care of your spiritual life, and wait on the Lord man of God.

   Take care of yourself. Invest in you, love yourself and not get involved with someone to feel alone because for sure you'll find uim wolf in sheep's clothing. One of the worst things is to look for someone because they're afraid to get to auntie, or age alone. Take just this feeling of his heart. This will only attract the chaff and take away the wheat.

   Stay away from people who like to talk about others, escape from busybodies. Unfortunately this is a scourge which is not only outside the Church but also within it. There is nothing worse than being a woman of God who likes to make poison on the lives of others. And many of them invented. Women gossip stand alone until they leave this bad habit. Gossip is not of God.

   Walk always with thoughts on things that are God's. Meditate every day, in God's Word. So you avoid thinking that you're alone and enjoy it for now is just, and increase your relationship with God. Stay close to people that you know is from God. There are many women who are worker for 20, 30 years and has experience not only in God's work, but life experience. This is very important for those who are new to the faith.

   Find out cooking. It is sacrifice, but worth it. You who is single, plans to marry a man of God, he will surely want you to know something cooking. This is good for you. Learn how to make the most basic first, and when you least expect, you know do almost everything. For those who knew nothing, is a major breakthrough.

   Never be inconvenient. There are things we do not ask while we're dating. Akguém met and are in doubt whether he is the man that God chose, ask to pray. and let God show, do not rush anything. Always ask the help of the Holy Spirit to guide you during courtship before marriage and after marriage too.

   Wait on the Lord, always. Do not let anxiety take over your heart. Let God take care of your heart.


  In the next post I talk about marriage.

   Stay strong with God.

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