sexta-feira, 18 de junho de 2010

The One.

    And whatever you ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. Matthew 21:22.

   Several reasons lead us to the Lord Jesus. An incurable disease, a family with addictions, the husband or wife who ran away from home, at last, our life tenhoa one direction and suddenly it seems that everything turns upside down. Then we remembered a friend or someone on the street told us that the Lord Jesus, and began to seek Him. The first change is inside, then out the other things being added.

   But we know that when we come to seek the Lord Jesus, it was because we hit the last door, is the downhole physical. And that's just the beginning. We learn to pray, talk to God and use our faith, and little by little we have achieved things, going through struggles, into the wilderness to be shaped po God, going through trials to mature spiritually, finally.

   We ask God to transform a family, we ask God to restore the marriage, the cure of diseases, but what you, what you have asked for? Material goods? A man of God? Being an entrepreneur? But what about your self, you have given your life to the Lord Jesus? You ask God so much, but stopped to hear Him? Have you ever thought what God wants you to do? You let God work in your life?

   Many women leave their lives in the hands of men who do not have the Character of God, therefore, suffer, are humiliated, and finally, deliver the life and heart in the hands of a boy who wants nothing to do with them, just use and throw away . That is the truth, and are reluctant to leave the life and heart in the hands of those who died for us. God is loving and justice.

   Ask some favor of God is easy, it is difficult to let Him do what He wants in your life. When we let God work, we are showing to him that we rely on Him completely. When we let him act, to show him that we need His help, His wisdom. Not everything we ask is the best for us, you must let Him do, let Him do what has to be done. Only then can we ask, but which above all is done in His will and not ours. That is addiction, fear and love God.

   Surrender to the One who is able to transform your life. Leave your heart in his hands, and he himself will transform your life.

   Stay strong with God.

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