terça-feira, 1 de junho de 2010


        Blessed are those who mourn because they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4.

   Many like to talk about their problems with someone, saying need to vent, as if the person is listening, would solve your problem. Many, today I days, are alone, or because the ruffles grown and moved away, or because they lost someone close and it has nobody to talk to, or through the Internet, television or overwork, finally, many hoej feel lonely.

   But we are never alone, even though we are living only because of the God of Israel who is always on our side. Those who seek Him, you are never alone because it is he who comforts us, meets our needs, protects us and accepts us as we are.

   So he left us this promise, when we seek to relieve our problems, our needs, he delights in it and respond. It is very important when we seek God when our heart is distressed when someone hurts us with words or actions, the Lord sees all this and we expect we will take the first step before His Throne.


   As much as it seems that talking to our best friend, will solve part of the problem, God wants to solve all your problemas.Seja about spiritual, emotional, health, financial, family, finally, he is with us at all times.

   It seems that the higher their trouble, their struggle, we have all or going through it because we are born of God, and every fight happens to us spiritually matured and have a greater relationship with God. The greater the struggle, the greater the intimacy with God. Whoever humbles you, you is not humiliating, humbling is what is inside you: the Lord Jesus and His time, everything will be resolved. God is with us.

   Stay strong with God.


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