sexta-feira, 4 de junho de 2010

Wait on the Lord.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Philemon 25.

In the times we are living, for those who are in the Presence of God, and who are willing to sacrifice until the coming of the Lord Jesus for your salvation, it is important that we give thanks to God in times of joy or in times of tribulation. But what is going through tribulation? When something happens, or when there is some injustice. An example: at work, someone says you did something but you did not, this is an injustice, is a struggle in which God allowed you to have more trust in the Lord.

You must pass through struggles? Yes, if you seek to have more intimacy with God, surely he wants to make you mature spiritually to something He has to give. Going through the desert, face struggles, suffering injustice, for those who are in the Presence of God is constantly lest it cool in the faith. People who are not persecuted or wronged, do not experience the Power of God in the lives because God wants to do something when someone's life, that's how he acts.

And for those who speak the truth and nobody believes it, consider this: the God of Israel is the only one who knows all things. It is he who is on your side when nobody believes in you and you do not stay in explaining why he, the Lord Jesus, who justifies us. In this case, we are led into the wilderness, not because he lied, but because God wants that we will have a greater relationship with Him when we speak the truth, and the circumstances, nobody believes in us, and we were alone at that time because God can work when we are alone, we can further be used by the Lord.

What can not, no way, it is in these times of tribulation, we walk away from God. If you want His Justice can not stay away from His Presence. Life with God is made sacrifices. If you are alone, through the desert, and nobody believes in you, give thanks to God that He take away from you people who did not appeal to him in his circle of friends. Now yes, this period in which no one seems to want to stay by your side, God is there close, wanting to be your friend, listen to what is going on with you.

You're not alone, just put his knee on the ground, into the Presence of God that you will realize that He is there with thee. Do not feel alone because God is with you, He does not abandon those who love Him to speak the truth, hold on tight forever before God because He is their livelihood, their strength. It was He who gave new life when nobody wanted anything to you. Why yes thank God because you are the Chosen of the Lord to glorify His name before those who despise you.

Stay strong with God.

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