quinta-feira, 10 de junho de 2010

What I Will Give The Lord?

    I will give to the Lord for all His benefits toward me? Psalm 16:12.

   What I have to give the Lord? What we have to give the Lord? The only thing we have is our whole life. Although apparently not have anything, but we have all our life.

   How so? Many women deliver their heart and lives of men who will not give you the lowest price. Undergo humiliation and embarrassment and still remain on their side. Are betrayed, abused, finally, go through various kinds of hardships because they gave her heart to undeserving. And there are also some men who are humiliated by women who do not give due weight, it is rare, but also has men who go through hardships that gave his heart to undeserving.

   When are evangelized, when it comes to them the Word of God, they hear it is necessary to deliver the heart to the Lord Jesus, many do not. But why not accept surrender all his life who one day died for you and rose again the third day? It is best to continue being abused why do not you deserve to be loved or really by him who died for us all?

   God does not bear to see them suffer like this. As you go on pretending that all is well, living on appearances, God can not do anything for you. For God to do something in us, we must first take the first step in His direction, oh yes, He will come at us with open arms because He is merciful and will stop all the pain and suffering of his life.

   For those who are married, seek the Lord and let Him do the work in your husband or wife. For those who are single and dating someone who does not have the Character of God, quit immediately troubled courtship. God is not confused and you seek Him, He will heal their wounds and turn you into a new creature and make you happy in love. With a man or woman who has the character of God.

   Stay strong with God.

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