terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

Clean Heart.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8.

If most knew, how good you have nothing to condemn, even if nobody believes in you, the most important is that God believes in you. Having the mind and heart clean. That just shows what you are doing is pleasing God and that their intent is true with God. And he probes our hearts and knows us and knows that we are able to do His will.

Who has the heart free of resentment, sorrow, who does not have any bad feeling in your heart, sleep well, live well himself. When God says we must always be a child in His eyes, that is. The child is pure, has no malice. and so we must always be pure. Today I heard a message that is very important to me: Look favorably upon and trust in God alone.

If nobody is on your side, if everyone stopped talking to you, if you find yourself in the wilderness, give thanks to God and look to welcome everyone, regardless who they are. So you keep your salvation, your heart clean, and pleases God.

Do not worry if you apparently stands alone in the wilderness, the most important is that God is with you in the desert. There are times we need to be alone, then that alone is that we get close to God and cause you to trust Him. Many people around, we could not hear the Voice of God. When the prosecutor, he lets himself think. God is always on our side. We have to hear Him more, we have to give more to God.

Stay with a clean heart, God is with you.

Stay strong with God.

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