sábado, 10 de julho de 2010

His Grace.

That day thou shalt say, I thank thee, O Lord, because even though you angry against me, thine anger is turned away, and you consoles me. Behold, God is my salvation; trust and not be afraid because the Lord God is my strength and song, and he became my salvação.Isaías 12:1,2.

  This only happens to those who do His will. Many do not yet know the Lord and not for lack of the word because it can find it anywhere today. Most still do not know why God does not want to leave sin, wrong life or will not let someone who hurts your faith in God. How to please God remain in sin? Impossible. Large or the error and turns to the Lord or continue in sin, away from God.

  Many still remain in the Church, but not surrendered to the Lord Jesus. Are tithed, give gifts, help in the house of God, but do not know Him. If they knew God, they would be honest with Him in prayer and would ask to have a meeting with him But they're in church and do not yet know why? They do not want to give up what he knows that hinders their communion with the Lord. Maybe not to loving and drop it because it gives money, clothes, home, finally. Perhaps it is a false Christian who looks at a church thing, but inside is another. Maybe even have some kind of addiction that is not yet released, finally, there are several reasons that lead a person that is years in the Church but do not yet know.

  If they knew the best thing is to surrender to the Lord Jesus, giving up everything that does not provide and serve Him. At the beginning of the conversion is not easy but not impossible. God sees our efforts to serve Him and make the wrong life. With this, God sent us help people who are true angels of the Lord to help them and pray for us. Whatever the problem, God sends the right people to help us. But for that to happen, we must trust Him. Trust in the Lord at the right time, He will comfort you.

  Stay strong with God.


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