quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

In The Lap Of God.

    If thou wilt walk before me as he walked David thy father, with a perfect heart and with sincerity, to do according to all that sent you, and keep my statutes and my judgments,
Then establish the throne of your kingdom over Israel forever, as I promised your father David, saying: Do not miss successor on the throne of Israel: 1 Kings 9:4,5.


   When we do the will of God, surrender ourselves on the altar of God, we make the sacrifice. We deny ourselves and start to do the will of God. And to reach the dreams of God for us, we must be one hundred percent to God, one hundred percent delivered at the Altar of God.

   When we surrender the Altar of God, we come to do His will, and to deliver the necessary waiver. Surrender of self to the will of God. who is with his life on the altar of God, all your personal dreams become the dreams of God. And nobody better than God Himself to know what is best for us.

   This is total trust in God. This is to be in God's Lap. He is the One who loves us really. He sees our suffering, He extends his hand over us and cleans and transforms into a new creature. But for him to do this transformation, we have to take the first step. First is the delivery of his life on the altar, then God Himself does this transformation by putting us in Your Dreams.

   Many do not give one hundred percent to God out of fear or doubt. But for God, is not necessary to have doubts. To God we can deliver yes, without doubt and without fear. Instead of having your life in the hands of someone who makes you suffer, put himself before the God of Israel. It yes, loves you and wants to make you happy.

   When we put on the altar of God, we are not disappointed with anyone because our heart is totally in His Hands. delivered to the Lord today, and let him transform your life, transform your interior.

   Stay strong with God.

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