domingo, 25 de julho de 2010

Mr. Right.

The husband to grant his wife her due, and also, likewise the wife to her husband. 1 Corinthians 7:3.

   Only those who have love and fear of God can transform their relationships. Men who are born of God, who today are servants of God Most High, they are able to love according to God's Word. They are brave men who left the wrong life, renounced the flesh and came to the Lord Jesus with all my heart.

   For men it is difficult to expect the woman of God, is not easy to expect the woman God chose to be his wife. you need patience and maturity. Spiritually mature is to be taken to the desert. There he learns to hear and practice the Word of God, there we learn to know yourself, to have more intimacy with God and have experiences with Him

   For the man of God who has learned to wait on God, he knows how much more he expects, he will be blessed even more. For the reason that the man himself live, it is not easy, but he knows that wait upon the Lord is the best way. Many men who arrived at the Church of the Lord came with their lives destroyed, and fought to be liberated and now can speak of the Lord Jesus and your experiences.

   Due to the deserts, he knows that not every woman who will be on your side, but what is a virtuous woman, who knows your value, who loves the Lord above all. Many women, but that is virtuous, are few, these are rare and only the Lord knows where they are. So the man of God look on Him because He knows where she is. Thus, the man of God, is constantly walking with God. Starts to feed on the Word of God, is constantly looking to Him

   And it prepares to be chosen by God to make the woman that God chose to make her happy.

   Surrender to the Lord, let him transform his life.

   Stay strong with God.

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