quarta-feira, 28 de julho de 2010

Seek the Lord.

Glory in his holy name Let the hearts of those who seek the Lord. Psalms 105:3.

   When we talk about seeking the Lord with all your heart's surrender, humble themselves, acknowledge that He is the One True God. When you do not know or do not know what it is to look or what is the New Birth, in the same prayer requests to God in the name of the Lord Jesus, understanding and wisdom in order to seek Him and be born of God.

   Asking thus already shows you are humble in recognizing that need to learn more of God. And he comes through the Holy Spirit, speak like and what should be done to be born of Him. At the beginning of the walk with the Lord Jesus is not easy, but He helps us and see our endurance, He sends angels to help us and guides us to follow His Way.

   And with that, we create confidence, even with struggles, following His Word and His teachings. Therefore, the perseverance to seek Him. And how do you search? At meetings in church, at home in your room, at work in the bathroom, finally, for those who are starting on faith in the Lord Jesus and to those who already are to always remain in constant prayer.

   The more we seek God, the more we pray and we are always thoughts in His Word, His Work, have more intimacy with God and each meeting is a new experience with Him This is acquired over time, with our perseverance. it is important to let all our problems in the Hands of the Lord and think at the time of the search for God alone.

   It is important for those who do not have the Holy Spirit. God pours out His Spirit to those who want with all my heart to do His will. And what is the will of God? We must be saved and that we will save other people, take them also have experiences with God. Nothing better than going to the meeting prepared to have another experience with God. If your church is meeting in the quest for the Holy Spirit, never let go, it is very important. It is in meetings so that God shows us the Way, the Truth and the Life.

   It is in meetings so that we have the privilege of being molded by God, to have His character, are changed, all in accordance with our needs and His Time. In order to make someone happy, we must be happy. Think about it.

   Stay strong with God.

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