terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2010

Already gave this heart to the Lord?

    However, Jesus insisted: Someone touched me, because I felt that I left poder.Lucas 8:46.

   When we pray, we cry with faith believing that we have already been processed, this is what happens. Like the woman who knew that hemorrhagic touch the garments of Jesus, would be recovered. He stayed.

   What good is praying, asking someone to pray for you if you do not believe it has that power within yourself to change your situation? Some have learned that faith is the only way to reach God. Since the Word of God and given to everyone.

   Faith is assurance of things hoped for and conviction of things not seen. Certainty is trust in something you want. Accept and give life to the Lord is to make sure that all the past behind us and that everything will be done again, but in His own time. To lay down his life in the Hands of the Lord, the first transformation occurs within you.

   God is One and is an unmatched intelligence. He knows that unless we have our new interior and restored, we can not do His will and therefore will not remain in His Presence. all we ask in prayer, we have the answer, only that between the asking and realize you have. Already surrendered to the Lord with all your heart today?

   Deliver me to the Lord and pour all my life. It is recognized that need Him more than everything. And make him your friend. He is resorting to in moments of anguish and joy. It is to please Him and love Him and make Him first in everything.

   When power comes from the Lord Jesus, is because we use the faith and got the answer. Who lives with the Lord Jesus, believe He is alive and who is inside. who gives himself wholeheartedly to the Lord Jesus, He has within himself through the Holy Spirit. Think of it.

   Stay strong with God.

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