quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010


   We always have to humble ourselves before the Lord for the remission of our sins, and trials they went through. Whether at home, at work or even within our power Igreja.Quando just use our faith. It is very important, you have to do that. All that sometimes unjustly accuse us every time they say false things about us, whenever we find ourselves in situations where we can find a way, it is necessary that we go to the God of Israel from crying, crying, cloth bag, as the book of Joel. Much of my spiritual growth was through this book. All adverse situations that have come and appear, I turn to the Lord of hosts as Hezekiah did, and as written in the Word of God in the book of Joel.

   We must always meditate on His Word of wisdom and direction we have to do the right thing. In times of tribulation, persecution, injustice, we must put ourselves in a situation of humiliation before the Lord and not problems. It is God who enables us, is he who comforts us is that He loves us and helps us in difficult times for us from the moment you step in their direction. This step is very important because it shows that in the first place in our lives that we love and want to please God forever. Thus, we get the answer from God.

   If we want the blessings of the spiritual life, family life, health, finally, the best you can do is accept the Lord Jesus and the sack dress, standing before the Lord with weeping and wailing and talking all that God is upset. Why talk to each other and only those who are waiting to hear, and his answer is the Lord Jesus? Open your heart only to him and nobody else and wait, of course, will answer it.

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