quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2010



   Taking the time to humble ourselves before God, to be matched in our prayers, we also have to have the courage to do the will of God. We put on his knees before the Lord is an act of courage because we are surrendering to God, we are showing to the Lord that we prescisa Him and that no one is able to help us unless the Lord Jesus.

   And after we do our part, God will surely do His part. The important thing is take the first step. Recognizing that without Him we are nothing. We undressed in our pride and come before the throne of God with supplication, weeping and tearing our clothes so that the Lord will listen and respond.

   It is as it is written:''Be strong and courageous, because you will this people to inherit the land, under oath, to give unto their fathers''Joshua 1:6.
Who knows whether at home, at work or even in your community or in your neighborhood, you are who God is calling to be His chosen to make a difference? If you grab the opportunity and change the situation that bothers you the most. Make fast, pray in the morning, drawing attention to God and He will certainly transform your problem into a blessing.

        Think about it.

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