quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2010


    We hope to be born, we expect the phase of literacy, we expect the bus to get to our destination, we expect lunch or dinner is ready, but when it comes to love life, many do not want to wait and end up frustrated with wolves in lambs. After the encounter with God, the second most important is the sentimental life. Why are people who are perfekt and the pair have people who do not? Why do not they do the will of God. Doing the will of God is to let him choose the man or woman who will marry and stay married to you. Many workers and many workers still persist in choosing the appearance and the bank account. Behave as if they were still in the world. And this is completely wrong. If you were born of God by choosing the partner or companion in the way that pleases God? Because of anxiety, fear of it call my aunt, after all, a lot of excuses. If you gave your life to the Lord Jesus then why insist on choosing one or the one that God has chosen? This displeases God and you are fooling themselves. It may take some time, two times but God is faithful. 

     People who judge others by appearance is displeasing to God. Stop and think: If God is no respecter of persons, by you, as born of God, is doing this? Sometimes a man has to God or a woman of God at your side, right in front, but you can not see or not see for some reason that only you know. Before you judge him or her to study first. See the qualities, character, responsibility, finally. There are people who ask for a prince or a princess, but you will be spiritually ready to find it or find it? 

   So we have to strengthen ourselves spiritually because they appear to say that many of God and are not. Other than from the time they find the beloved or the beloved, their spiritual life changes for the better. Do not be fooled by the appearance because it will end one day and what remains is the character.

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