sexta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2010

Do not crack

We are all flawed, no one is perfect, perfectly , we all make mistakes, we come to offend someone unintentionally of course. From the moment we, servants of God, we learn that we did something, say things that hurt someone have to immediately apologize to people and soon afterwards repent before God. We have to kill a lion a day for our salvation. Not everyone likes you, but not so with the Lord Jesus? All who accept Him as the Savior of their lives are subject to being despised, rejected and left out. The rejeijão occurs just within the church. The world has been rejected because we are not the world. I say that the rejection and contempt takes place within the Church of Jesus Christ and that is normal. It is. If you are not suffering any kind of rejection, contempt or being left out then something's wrong. Stop to ask yourself, why do not all pass through the desert? Why do some people with nothing happens? Why he (a) does not give a testimony? For he or she never spoke, nor know what is wilderness? Because he or she fled the desert as soon as he arrived. It has members, evangelists and even workers who are still there when they should be back up front. You may notice, their life does not change. It's sad but true. So few are chosen. Few are brave few are born of God, few are saved.

   So watch and see very well with whom you walk and talk. In the world it is easy to watch, it is easy to see why they are not in church, but watch in the church as well. Not all are truly born of God. Do not look askance on those who reject you, pray for them. These things have to happen. If you are going through this, give thanks to God for your prayer and God heard his blessing is on its way. Do not be discouraged. It cooperates so that we will glorify the name of God. It is better to be rejected by men than to be thrown up by God.

    Every time someone tries to put you down remember where the Lord Jesus took you out, what you did and what you happened to be freed and born of God! There is nothing and nobody can take away the joy that the Lord Jesus put in his heart. There's no one who loves you more than the Lord Jesus and so He rescued you and gave you new clothes, new life, new heart. Always think: My blessing has arrived! I have what many want but looking in the wrong places. Get up and show everyone what God gave you. New life! Do not let anyone or anything disturb their faith and their salvation defend tooth and nail because only you know the fight now to get rid of all that displeased God.

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