terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

Why the desert?

All the times you want something important, something that will make a difference in our lives, always have something happen to try to put us down. This is because we stand with God, we make our votes, we fulfill them and when completed, is holy fire or some other purpose strong, everything happens. Some people think: Why did this happen? What did I do wrong? It's simple, you just enter the wilderness to be shaped by the Lord! We ask the family, for health, life, in short, every one knows your needs. And it happens. God is already answering you. God works that way. Every time you go to the desert, you pray more, fast more, have more time to read the Word of God, you turn over to the Lord. It has that kind of person making the request, go to the desert but he mumbles. These people were not born of God and want to be blessed. But how to ask a blessing if you're not prepared for it? So the fire. The more we used, the more pruning to God that we will produce more fruit.

   Those born of God accept, but prefer Convinced murmur. It is a pity. They do not know what the're missing. I prefer to be shaped by God to stay with the scoffers. The best thing that happens to us after salvation, is the evidence of fire. I went through a lot, I'm going through one now and I know that many still pass by, after all I am born of God. It is important to remember that all we ask, God knows our needs and so we have to cast Him to have structure to receive what ask.O easy come, we do not value. God knows us. It is therefore very important to be always in communion with God.

   If you are passing through the desert at this time, do not despair. God heard your prayer and seen your tears. He even promises to wipe away our tears. What we have to do is trust, even our physical eyes not seeing, but spiritual eyes see. Trust in the Lord. We have to have is trust, faith that we have received what we ask.

  Stay with God.

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