sábado, 20 de março de 2010

Be Courageous.

   'After these events, came the word of the Lord to Abram in a vision and said: Fear not Abram, I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward'. Genesis 15:1.

   We must have faith and act by faith. He who hears the voice of God and Obeys, this will be glorified. But how to listen to His Voice? Taking everything that pleases God within the heart. Do not worry about your life, but deliver it in the Hands of God. How? When we delivered everything we have, everything we are, all our goals and dreams in the Hands of the Lord is He who will decide what is good or not for us.

   Instead of staying concerned with our professional goals, we'll worry about winning souls for the Lord Jesus. We have to work, study, pay bills at last, but we can not worry 24 hours with our problems, since we are called to be witnesses of Him. We have chosen to make those who do not yet know start to know him. It is very important to have an experience with God to hear His voice and do His will.

  Pull out of your heart in this world and everything that's in it and occupy your heart with His Presence. In the past there were more miracles because the heroes of faith had a heart filled with the Holy Spirit. The mind and heart of them was engaged in pleasing God. They worked, they had to their struggles, but not let it infect you with the problems because they knew and knew the Lord.

   Each involves a particular kind of problem or situation that pleases no one, but these problems can never take care of your mind all day or every month or even year round! If everyone who has problems to live well, all would be lost. No one may be worried for so long with a certain type of problem, so why not solve the issue. Problems happen and struggles to try to divert your attention on the Lord Jesus, to try to make you deviate from the goal of pleasing God.

   Do not crack, do not be discouraged, be strong because who promised is faithful. may take time, two times, but is not without fulfilling his promises.

   Stay with God.

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