sábado, 13 de março de 2010

Fear Not.

   Abraham was a man of God, why? As soon as Abraham heard the voice of God, not questioned. He took with him his wife and his nephew. Abraham was rich, but not superb. Why drew the attention of God? Fidelity and pure heart. He had no children because Sarah was barren. Still, he loved her. All the times that we meditate on the story of Abraham we are sure that he was even an example of faith and perseverance. What Abraham wanted a son. But the character of Abraham, God wanted more for him. God did not give you just one child. God wanted to make a covenant with him. This is truly a privilege. So much so that after the Lord blessed him with a son who was everything I wanted to Abraham, God asks for sacrifice. But why? If Abraham was faithful to Sara, was not tied to material things, had a pure heart, then something in Abraham caught the attention of God. But as he wanted to make a covenant, Abraham and he proved the obeyed.

   Until that time God knew that Abraham would not give up, would not go back, I knew he would do his will. But to prove that Abraham? To show Abraham that his heart was not in the child. God knew that Abraham would even sacrifice his son and that the situation in Abraham hurt but he was strong to do the will of God. That which God made with Abraham was to show himself to Abraham that his heart already belonged to God, even if he wanted one child and waiting 25 years for this.

   God had already made a covenant with Abraham, just needed to formalize a union with Abraham. Why? Alliance is a marriage, a covenant. And in this case was made and formalized a marriage between God and Abraham. So much so that later God calls him friend! To achieve this, today, we have to take Abraham as an example, starting from the inside, that is within us. A pure heart, fearing God, even if nobody likes you, even if it seems that you are alone, this is very good. Why I being alone, many reject me and everyone is against me, this is good? It's good because you will grow spiritually as Abraham grew up and those who reject you, leave you and do not like you were not called. Will be children in faith and you will be an adult in the faith. God does not call them perfect. He chooses just those who are rejected, humiliated, neglected to put them as a column in your home. Therefore it is necessary to make a covenant with God.

   Any rejection we experienced when we are in faith is for our good. It seems absurd, but that is how God works. Many are called but God knows who will be chosen, who will be the one that will formalize the marriage, the marriage with God. The Lord is smart, he probes the innermost of our hearts. The so worried about other things, but the chosen are concerned to please God, do His will. Once we make a covenant with God or ranovamos, we are capable of anything because our heart becomes His. We took the heart of our problems and let the Lord lead our lives. That does not mean that the problems will disappear. Daily struggles we have until the coming of the Lord, but we will not be slaughtered because of it. The world demand in nightclubs, parties and things wrong and what we find in God. Enjoy this Sunday and go to a church near his home that will surely have a meeting dedicated to the Covenant with God.

   Problems, struggles, pursuits, rejection, humiliation, contempt, and other things we suffer every day to keep us from the God of Israel. Through this every day, but we can not let happen is the reduction and discouragement. Never cease to love the Lord Jesus for the things that happen in their lives because He has always been and always will be with you. The most important thing is you do not abandon Him. You stand firm with God. It is very hard when we go through problems and situations that seem to no end, but at these times is that the Lord is upon us to know where our hearts. Life with God is life's struggles, but struggles with victories. You have the Spirit of God. You can win everything with the Lord Jesus. 'Fear not Abram, I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward'. Genesis 15:1.

   Hang in there, I always think: God is with me, even if circumstances seem contrary, God is with me. And always keep a clean heart. It is victory, and victory is all for the glory of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

   Stay with God.

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