segunda-feira, 15 de março de 2010


'Trust the Lord your works and your plans will succeed'. Proverbs 16:3. From the moment we trust in God, however we pass through difficult situations, we leave God in control, without acting with anxiety. All the times we choose according to our will, go wrong. Why? Why do not we hear the voice of God. Whether in any area of our lives, everything we do must be according to the will of God. The Hearing we are able to make the right choices. When we seek God first and seek to free ourselves from everything that pleases God when we begin to have that consciousness, are baptized in the waters and try to be born again, or have the character of Him, seek to be sealed with the Holy Spirit. He gives the Holy Spirit if we are to the body dirty. How so? Do not put clean water in dirty glass, but the water is dirty too. We put clean water in clean glass, so is the Holy Spirit.

   From this, we are guided by the Lord to act according to His Will. It is therefore very important to be born again to know if the person is on our side is God or not. How do we know? Through the character of the fruits of that person. When we look when we want them to be blessed, it does not work. Why? Because first we have to be prepared to receive the blessings in life is financial, emotional, family, finally. 

    We must be cautious, keep an eye for not getting the wrong choices. Generally seems slow. But why? Why have to be prepared. How? Putting the heart in the Lord Jesus. If you still have the heart to something or someone, certainly not knowing that God will bless you while you are prioritizing something that pleases God. If a bad feeling, it is very important to start off any bitterness, hatred, resentment, envy, anguish, longing for those who have died, everything that's within you.

    Go to forgive, no matter how painful it is to love people who do not like you and pray for them. Attitude seems to be a difficult, but if it is to please God, do it. This attitude is very important to the Lord Jesus will dwell in your heart and save his soul. God calls those who are sick physically and spiritually. God is no respecter of persons. If you are currently prescisa help, someone to talk to, anywhere has a  Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ Is Lord where there are people chosen by God to help people like you. Or if you prefer you can write me I'll be here to help you. But be sure to look for the God of Israel. Wherever you are God heard their prayers and wants to help you. Want to make you a new creature, free from the bad past and make everything new in your life.

   Stay with God.

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