quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

Stand a Chance

It's not easy being in the desert, but for the desert? To prove, to mature, to know each other better and to keep the faith even after we receive the blessing. The more reluctant against the desert longer remain in it. To have something we have to be prepared to receive them. During this period we need to be firm, prepared for the promises of God. The desert is good to evaluate our approach, we turn a little to ourselves. God does not give anything with ease. All we ask He hears us, all our prayers, He hears us. But to receive have to be ready. Check with Abraham, took 25 years to receive the promise of God that was a child. And even then, God asked Abraham's son in sacrifice to know where was the heart of Abraham. God knew that Abraham would fulfill their part. Ali Abraham showed that in the first place was God in his heart.

   Anyone who has passed or is passing through the desert, stand firm, take this time to mature in the faith. Use this time to nostra God where is your heart. It seems that it is difficult, it looks bad, but when we received the promise of God, is a joy that only the Lord can give us. Do not be discouraged, God is with you.

   Stay with God.

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