quinta-feira, 29 de abril de 2010

Be Not Afraid.

    For the oppression of the poor and the sighing of the needy, I will stand now, saith the Lord, and put the saved whom they puff. Psalms 12:5.

   There's nothing better than having the Lord Jesus on our side and we put all our anxieties and needs in His Hands. It is better that we are in the Hands of the Lord than suffering and being humiliated at the hands of someone.

   I know there are people who are already in the Presence of God, I know there are people who are beginning their walk of faith in the Lord and know there are people looking for a solution to their suffering. The only solution is the Lord Jesus. He even says that puts the safekeeping of that cry, those who are in need, in short, all those who are passing through difficult situation.

   Every one knows how it is now. If you are experiencing hardship because they made a bad marriage, that's no way. And the only one who can fix it is the Lord Jesus. If you're in some kind of relationship that is very stressful, pray, cry unto the Lord. Prayer is the best solution. Praying we are in touch with God. He hears all prayers and in due time he answered.

   What can not it remain so. God wants to change their situation, but for that you need to make the first move in his direction. Get closer to God, come to Him with all your heart and open it to God. Be telling their problems to others will not help you. The only One who can and will do a miracle in your life is the God of Israel. He will transform your marriage, your relationship, He will take you from the bottom. That's up to you.

  Stay with God.

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