sábado, 17 de abril de 2010


Trust the Lord thy works, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3. 

   We can not be anxious in anything in life. Anxious people do not yield as they should work. In health it is very difficult to have a cure any illness with anxiety. Anxiety brings rainfall, lack of reasoning for doing the right thing.

   Anxiety brings depression, anxiety and depending on the person to suicide. Anxiety is a lack of trust in God. The basis of any Christian is to trust in the Lord, and the anxiety that confidence is rooted in the sand and not on the Rock. From the moment you entrust our lives to the Lord Jesus and decided to walk according to His Word, we are currently building a full trust in God. We begin to obey Him. We come to act our faith in Him.

   Anxious people not know where to go, let yourself be guided by things and people who are not of God, are ever in doubt, have no courage to throw in the faith. Anxious people are completely locked and is afraid to leave the place because they want to know what will happen.

   Anxious people see only God's promises in their vodas when they leave the fear, doubt aside and engage the feet of the Lord Jesus. The Lord we can expect the best but because He cares for us. Pray to the Lord, meditate on His Word, seek out and throw on him all his anxiety about you and He will draw all the weight that anxiety brings.

   This is in all areas of our lives. He is with us. Stay with God.