quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010

Day of Decision, I've Been There!

    Give, and give it unto you: good measure, pressed down, shaken, overflowing, you will give generously, because with the measure with which you will measure ye also measured. Luke 6:38. 

   It is rare to have events similar to this. Especially because, every time we have, one is not like another. It's bigger and better. All of us who are in church when we met we knew that would have the event. We organize everything. Each in his Church, is a worker, evangelist, youth or member. Easy, was not, but it was not impossible. Everything was planned, each one knew what should be done and knew what had to.

   Fuqua I really very happy because the people of my region, not all, but most were. And we welcome everyone regardless of anything because God is no respecter of persons. And who could not attend for some reason or did not want to go, saying that if we seek to repent of not having gone. I've never seen it before. People who even cried saying he had repented. In the latter event was not the same. Why?

   Because this event was special, was the day to put an end to all suffering, all misery. Only then can we see how many people who watch the programming of the church, hear the radio, pick up the newspaper and read when we evangelize. Many certainly have answers, some answers have already had before coming to the event and others after they arrived home. I, like many, had the answer right there!

   It was special because we were united in one aim: to please God, to draw your attention. Show the Lord that every effort and sacrifice are worth because there is nothing that pays you see people being answered. On the bus I went, everyone was excited, sure that would have the answer. And lots more animated yet, despite the physical exhaustion, but worth it.

     Serving God is. Leave the rest because it is a holiday and work for the Lord Jesus. And every one contributed. Each in its region. Surely God was pleased with that. Praise The Lord. This also is giving without expecting anything in return. When we do, God is pleased with us.

   Frankly, I am very happy for the event and the response I got. To continue so strong in the faith as a rock.

   Stay with God.

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