sexta-feira, 30 de abril de 2010


I love those who love me and those who seek Me find Me. Proverbs 8:17.

   When we begin to seek God, His principles are each to get wisdom. Seek God with intelligence. With intelligent faith. So when we are in His Presence, we are sober, clean and open heart to God.

   Acquiring wisdom is very important to know what we are asking and to whom we are asking. When we started reading the Bible, when we talk to God, when we began to pray at the beginning is tricky. Those who go to church first, and remains. The why is still seeking the bottom. These, the more they turn to God, more will please Him and seek Him as more thirst to seek Him. This is intelligence.

   People who were away from the Lord and are now in His Presence, say they knew the more time they would not have suffered so much to be able to find him. But God knows the time of each one of us. What we must do is continue evangelizing everyone. There are people who thirst for God but are ashamed to seek Him. They look to others and forget that nobody can help him, only the Lord Jesus.

   If you feel ashamed to seek Him to solve your situation, you would not be suffering and not seeking relief for their pain on the wrong things in the world. He even calls those who are down to change the situation. God is not pleased with the sufferings of anyone. So today we speak more in God's Word than ever before.

   Back in the days of colonial Brazil, before emancipation, blacks who were slaves in Brazil and lived in slave quarters, built the churches today is the center of the city of Rio de Janeiro and had no right to enter it. They had no right to know anything about God. Thank God, today everyone has a right to know more of God, reading the Bible, going to church, listening to the radio, see on the Internet, in short, the Word of God today can be accessed from anywhere and from several ways.

   God allows something to happen in our lives to reflect where we went wrong and fix and do everything again. There are people who turn to God by love or by pain. Usually many seek Him for the pain and remain. Others see an improvement in their lives and disappear. They resolve to seek a day when the Blessed One, will not leave more of His Presence.

   He wants to bless you, yes, but first he wants to show you, He wants to come into your life and transform everything. And not only give you a blessing because he has more than a blessing to give you, He has the Treasury. Treasury And that He only gives to those who seek Him wholeheartedly. And with the Treasury, you can win it all, just get him. And those who seek Him, O finds. Think about it.

   Stay with God.

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