domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Do not crack II.

Behold, we count them happy which endure. Have you heard of the patience of Job and have seen the end the Lord gave him, because the Lord is full of tender mercy and compassion. 1 Peter 5:11.

   Those who are firm in the desert, those who give their lives to the Lord Jesus and let Him guide their paths, they have persevered. These are confiantese are confident in the Lord. Why have so many problems and go through the desert, we get more problems? Has only one answer: New Birth. When we are born of God, the problems continue surguindo to continue using the faith.

   The New Birth means that everything will pass and we will continue putting the Lord Jesus first. We will not be concerned with the problems because we know they arise, but it is to fall. The evil that is behind the adverse situation, you know that we will achieve the promises of the Lord, so nothing comes from something we did not expect to try to get us out of faith. Those who repent of their errors and sins, starts at the wrong life and turn wholeheartedly to the Lord, born of God, becomes an able to discern what is God and what is not.

   God is not God of confusion. He is meek, humble. Those born of Him are like that. We all have problems and situations to be resolved. But our focus on the Lord Jesus is not lost. We are not worried about it because we put in the hands of those who can and will solve all our problems. This is called trust.

   Trust in the Lord, give your life to Him, is more important to salvation than trying by yourself to solve their problems. Trust God.

   Stay with God.

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